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    Help & Support Helping Britain face Covid-19 Take a look Services UK Services For over 10 years we have provided all forms of Bonds for the Construction Industry and in many countries. Learn More Deposit Bonds Providing you with the Insurance support you need to cover your client's initial deposits on developments whether off-plan or refurbishment. Learn More Across the globe We're proud to offer our insurance products across the globe, letting more businesses benefit from experience. Learn More Who we are For over 10 years and with over 40 years experience we've been providing all forms of Bonds, Warranties and Guarantees to companies in all regions of the world and to all Trade Sectors ........... Speak to us Complete this form and one of our Bonds experts will call you back today to discuss your requirements and exactly where we can help. Please allow up to 2 hours for a reply as our team can get very busy. Thanks for submitting! Submit

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    Guarantees & Bonds are an experienced insurance broker. We provide all forms of Enhancement and Support Products within the UK and internationally, serving all Industries including Construction, Engineering, Travel and Home Improvements. G&B Travel provide a full range of Scheduled Airline Failure (SAFI), Non Airline Supplier Failure, Cruise Delay and Travel Disruption (Force Majeure) Insurances from our own Lloyd's facility.

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    Claims Helping you get the best possible care In times of crisis, we're here to help In the event of a claim, insurance companies are rightly judged on the support that they provide. At Guarantees and Bonds, we endeavour to arrange the insurance programme that is built around you. We work to ensure that your package is the right one, and won't out you on a programme if we don't believe it's right for you. ​ We're here to support you when you need us. And we know that dealing with a claim can be a difficult process. Your focus will rightly be on your business and it's staff. Our priority is to take the complexity of a claim off your hands and move forward in a fair and prompt manner. ​ You probably won't need us, but it's good to know we're here when you do. ​ We can also help analyse the causes of claims to make sure of greater prevention in the future. ​ ​ In addition to how we deal with insurers when there is a claim, our experts form part of a team of expert industry consultants, offering insights to help you move on as quickly as possible. We can provide proactive advice on how to best manage your risk and improve claims performance, working with you to reduce future premiums. ​ ​ Remember, our claims promise is that we are: ​ Technical experts, with access to specialists Proactive and hands on Resourceful and operate using best practice procedures There to support your management team Always focused on delivering the best outcome for you ​ Our commitment

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    Accessibility Making our services available for all our customers Our approach Our aim at Guarantees and Bonds is, and has always been, to provide accessible services for all our customers. We've made some great progress, but we realise there’s still more to do. ​ Our approach to accessibility has evolved into creating innovative services that are accessible by design. We design for difference, and that means designing for everyone, by developing a suite of accessible products and services for all of our customers. ​ To us, it’s not just meeting the needs of disabled customers; everyone can benefit from new ideas and inclusive designs. ​ We know that to become and remain the most accessible insurance broker requires continual improvement. To do this we will: ​ Embed the principles of inclusive design into the way we make changes that affect our customers. We’ll do this through training and standards Influence our suppliers – we only want to work with organisations that share our commitment to inclusion so that we can make an impact Listen to our customers to find out how we can improve what we currently do, and what else we can do to make our services more accessible, easy and convenient ​ We want to create opportunities to rise, and we’ll achieve this by striving to make banking accessible for all. We welcome feedback on how we’re doing on this journey and what more we can do. ​ Our commitment

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    Our services Professional services across the UK, US & Middle East Because G&B prides itself on being an international broker we are also able to provide Bonds, Guarantees and Financial Insurances for all other parts of the world and regularly do so. Areas we currently provide or have provided these products include Africa, South and North America including the USA and Canada, the Middle East and Europe UK Global arrow&v Surety Reinsurance Read more Financial Guarantees Read more Bid/Tender Bond Read more Commercial Rent Guarantees Read more US AIA 310 Read more On Demand Bonds Read more Highway Bonds Read more Single Debtor Credit Insurance Read more Performance Bond Read more Advance Payment Bond Read more Utility Bonds Read more

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    On Demand Bonds Helping you source the most competitive quotes from multiple providers Bonds can be 'on demand' or 'conditional', with conditional bonds requiring that the client provides evidence that the contractor has not performed their obligations under the contract and that they have suffered a loss as a consequence. With on-demand bonds, the bondsman pays an amount of money set out in the bond immediately on demand in writing without needing to satisfy any preconditions whatsoever (including establishing the contractor’s liability) unless the demand is fraudulent. On-demand bonds tend to be common in international projects but are less normal in the UK were they are generally resisted because of their draconian nature.

  • Performance Bond

    Performance Bond Helping you source the most competitive quotes from multiple providers A performance bond is issued to one party of a contract as a guarantee against the failure of the other party to meet obligations specified in the contract. It is also referred to as a contract bond. A performance bond is usually provided by a bank or an insurance company to make sure a contractor completes designated projects. Performance bonds are provided to protect parties from concerns such as contractors being insolvent before finishing the contract. When this happens, the compensation provided for the party that issued the performance bond may be able to overcome financial difficulties and other damages caused by the insolvency of the contractor.

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    Surety Reinsurance Helping you source the most competitive quotes from multiple providers ​ ​

  • Commercial Rent Guarantees

    Commercial Rent Guarantees Helping you source the most competitive quotes from multiple providers Rent guarantee insurance is a risk-management product that protects landlords against loss if a lessee defaults. This insurance pays the monthly rent for a set period of time if the covered tenant stops making payments. Rent guarantee insurance protects landlords against loss of income if a tenant falls behind or defaults on rent payments. Landlords typically pay for the premiums, though it is also possible to require the tenant pay for it instead in extra rent or if the lease specifies it in writing. Insurers will look to the financial stability and creditworthiness of the tenant(s) to underwrite the policy.

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